Songs From the Memorial

Tommy Riggs

July 15th,1943 - July 29th, 2000

All These Things.mp3 (3,368k)
Bring A New Love To Life.mp3 (3,134k)

Cry.mp3 (2,825k)

 Elvis Medley (Songs Only).mp3 (5,669k)

 Elvis Medley ( UNCUT ).mp3 (9,937k)

 Guava Jelly.mp3 (3,434k)

 If You Don't Know Me By Now.mp3 (3,579k)

 I'll Find You And Touch You Again.mp3 (3,983k)

 Is There No Other Way.mp3 (4,476k)

I Will Sing For You.mp3 (2,891k)

 Make It Easy On Yourself.mp3 (3,624k)

 McArthur  Park.mp3 (6,207k)

 McArthur Park (with dig).mp3 (6,381k)

 Rock A Bye Moon.mp3 (4,048k)

 Sailboats In The Desert.mp3 (3,079k)

 Somedays I'm This Way Again.mp3 (2,860k)

 Too Long.mp3 (2,843k)

 Westbound.mp3 (4,189k)

 What A Fool I've Been.mp3 (3,183k)

 Yes I Do.mp3 (4,567k)

(and my song for Dad.)
 That's Just Dad.mp3 (3,168k)

I Will Sing For You
(Will be encoded and posted soon.)

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