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I have been running Karaoke shows off and on for a little over 15 years.
I find it's a great way to unwind, and have fun.
And a chance to learn something about your co-workers,
and bond over something other than work.

. . . .

. . .

I started out working Karaoke shows for a good friend
of mine in Austin, Tx. named RJ. As one of the KJ's in his
company, (Karaoke by RJ and Associates).

Now I live and work in the Saint Louis area.

Over the last 10+ years, you may have seen me
running karaoke shows, for local bars like

. . . . and . . . .

Charitable events, like


Leukemia Lymphoma Society fund raisers

And several of the local Cancer Relays

Saint Charles, MO - Saint Peters, MO - Troy, IL.

These days, I mainly private events,
But I still work local bars (and as a backup KJ)
for my good buddy Krazy Bob

. . . . , . . . .

Which was the best gay & lesbian bar in Saint Louis.

So if YOU'RE Thinking about having Karaoke
get your bar hoping, or YOUR private party started.

drop us a line, at, or .

My Background:

As I stated before, I started out working for my good friend RJ
as one of the KJ's in his company,
(Karaoke by RJ and Associates).

Under RJ's guidance. I learned a lot about how to keep
a rotation fair, (even when you have 30-40 singers in a rotation).
I also learned to read the energy of the crowd.

We're just the guides, (he would say). We help them wash away
the weekly grind of their job. And for 2-3 minutes per song,
we allow them to live out the dream of being a rock star,
a country star, or a pop star. Anything but who they are 9 to 5.

What I learned above all else, is to remember that
the people who come to the bar, are the
REAL Stars of the show, not the one running it.

RJ was one of a kind, and I miss him a lot.
But when RJ decided to retire a few years ago,
he hand picked his successor.

James StrykerSalyers
of Stryker3 Karaoke.

Because RJ knows Stryker will continue the long
history and tradition of super fun karaoke shows
and events conducted with excitement and professionalism
that all our karaoke singers in Austin have come to expect.

Keep up the great work Stryker.

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