Marv Webb
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This is Marvillis "Marv" Webb
He's a long-time friend and former co-worker of mine,
back when we both worked for a company called
HCCA / IMS, Inc.

Marv headed up the Training dept., while I worked in Facilities.
But we had a special bond that forged our friendship from the start...

MUSIC ! ! !

You see, while
Marv was the master of the Training room,
he was also a #1 fan of the Temptations.
And anyone who's a fan of the "Temps" has got to have great taste in music.

Marv has a flare for breakin' it down,
and definitely has his mojo hooked up right.

Those "in the know", know him well.

Those who don't, Wish they did.
Once you meet
Marv, you'll never forget him . . .
They don't call him
Marvelous for nothin' . . .

I've since left Facilities and
HCCA, and now I live in St. Louis, doing computer work.
Marv still lives in Dallas, but he's also no longer with HCCA .
Instead he's enjoying the good life, and living the dream...

Marv "breaks it down" like only "Jimmy" can.

And a World Wide message going out to Everyone on the Internet . . .


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