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I feel I would be an asset to any company looking for a Mac Hardware/Software Technician with experience in the PC environment, networking,
graphic/web design, video/audio editing.


5 years HTML coding
I've taught myself HTML code and some JAVA, I have experience with Dreamweaver 3, Adobe Go Live,
Claris Home Page, and BBEdit.
I did all work on , , ,
Faux Finishes by Tracy Crabtree , Tommy Riggs - Night-Train Station ,
Skunky Johnson's MP3's , Dan Dever's Website , & Great Health International .
I've done contract work for Team Brewer , TICAM-UT , dashR Visual Media , and and vespid media .
I also consulted on, designs and concepts for many areas of .

6 years expansive Mac telephone technical support
I did hardware/software technical support for Power Computing, a Macintosh based
clone company on Machines from 7100-9600. I also worked for Apple supporting the iMac, G3 and G4.

6 years Graphic editing in the Mac environment
I have worked with graphics in Shockwave Flash 5, Director 7, Adobe Photoshop 6, Illustrator 8, Gif Builder.

5 years general experience DOS and BASIC
I wrote programs on a C-64 and built a 486 DX50 and a PII 200 to teach myself Windows 95 & 98SE.
I am familiar with both MAC and PC hardware and software.

3 years Video editing
I have worked with Adobe After Effects 4, Premiere 5, and Media100, MediaCleaner Pro 4, Real Producer., 1998 SXSW Interactive Awards Show,
Dean Hall Media Page, and Dan Dever's Website , Larry .

2 years Audio editing
I have recorded, edited, mixed, and encoded, working with Sound Edit 16, ReBirth, Audio Catalyst,
Real Producer, Quicktime Pro 5, Media Cleaner Pro 4, MPeg Encoder.
Examples of my work: Tommy Riggs - Night-Train Station , Larry , Skunky Johnson's MP3's ,
Dean Hall Media Page .


Hardware experience: Macintosh : Classic, LC, 5400, 6500, 7100-9600,PowerBook G3, iMac, G3, G4
Windows : 486/50, 486/66, PI / 100, PII / 200, PII / 266

Programs: Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Power Point), Lotus123, File Maker Pro 4.1, AppleWorks,
Quicken Deluxe, Photoshop 6, Illustrator 8, FireWorks, After Effects 4, Premiere 5,
QTVR Authoring Studio, DreamWeaver 4, Adobe Go Live, Claris Home Page 4, BBEdit,
Director 8, Shockwave Flash 5, SoundEdit 16, Real Producer, Audio Catalyst, QuickTime Pro 5.

Operating Systems: Mac OS 7.0-OS 9.1, DOS, Win 3.1, 3.1.1, & Win95,Win98SE, Win2000,
Some work with BE/OSand Red Hat LINUX, LINUX PPC 2000.


Apple ComputersTechnical Support2000 to 2001
1200 E. Anderson Ln., Austin, Tx.

Telephone technical support on PowerMac, iMac, G3 and G4 machines.
For internal helpdesk, service providers, resellers and end users.

Twin-Spin ProductionsOwner, Designer, Consultant 1999 to Present
5606 N. Lamar Blvd. #110, Austin, Tx.

Graphic/Web design, Audio/Video recording, editing, encoding,. Clients include: , , , Faux Finishes by Tracy Crabtree ,
Tommy Riggs - Night-Train Station , Skunky Johnson's MP3's , Larry , dashR Visual Media , vespid media ,
and Friedrich Enterprise Systems.

Adecco - EmployementTechnical Support for Apple1998 to 2000
6406 N. IH-35, Austin, Tx.

Technical Support for users on Several models of Apple branded machines.

None of Your Business, Ink.Owner, Designer, Consultant 1998 to Present
5606 N. Lamar Blvd. #110, Austin, Tx.

Graphic/Web design, networking, consulting, support, installation, and upgrades. Clients include:
Dean Hall , Dan Dever , , SXSW, Great Health International , TICAM-UT , Team Brewer ,
dashR Visual Media
, vespid media , and Friedrich Enterprise Systems.

MTV-"Austin Stories"Network Administrator1997
Riverside Dr., Austin, Tx.

Setting up and maintaining a 10baseT Ethernet Network for 15 machines and 3 printers. I also
customized a chat engine for their staff to communicate over the network peer to peer.

Power Computing CorporationSenior Technician95 to 98
2400 N. IH-35, Round Rock, Tx.

Hardware/Software support, problem diagnosis, and expedited solutions for the Office of the President.

Metrowerks (through Adecco)Data entry1995
183 & Mopac, Austin, Tx.

Updated the mailing list in the Customer Database.

Double Dave's PizzaworksAsst. Manager94 to 95
North Lamar, Austin, Tx.

Inventory, schedules, payroll, deposits. Installed/programed computers with a customer database.


Apple Authorized TrainingOctober 1998 to 2001
Web Design and AuthoringDecember 1995 to present
Power Computing's Apple Authorized TrainingOctober 1995 to December 1997
Richland College, Richardson, TexasJanuary 1990 to December 1990

References available upon request

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