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OBJECTIVE : Dedicated technical support specialist, field manager and IT consultant recognized as a resource for technical solutions including software/hardware selection and installation, systems troubleshooting, maintenance and support. Skilled at assessing client needs, recommending strategies that enhance efficiency and training/supporting end users.

SOFTWARE : Microsoft Office Suite 95/97/2000/2002/2003/2007/2010, Ghost (CD Images & multi-casts), Lotus Organizer, Lotus Notes 6, Lotus AmiPro 3.1, Lotus 1-2-3 r5, Adobe Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop 5.5/7.0/9.0, Dream Weaver 4/5, pcAnywhere 9.0, Visio2000/2007/2010, Microsoft Works, Word Perfect 5.2 & 6, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Surfer 5, Grapher 4, Orinoco, DocsOpen, SharePoint, DTE 2002, Winpak, and NetOp.

SYSTEMS/NETWORKING : Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/7/8.1, MS-DOS, Handheld devices (palm, blackberry, good device, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.), TCP/IP, Access Point, routers, switches, and hubs.


Desired Job Type:

Full-Time Employee

Career Level:

Career (18+ years of experience)

Date of Availability:

Currently Unavailable (happy with my current job)


January 2010 – Present // Vi-Jon // St. Louis, MO
Help Desk Coordinator

- Provide on-site support for all Saint Louis facilities, users, contractors and production lines, including software support, desktop support, line audits, printer issues, system registrations/upgrades, etc. both in the office and at remote off-site office and events.
- Support Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8.1 operating systems for Vi-Jon.
- Support remote users, enterprise-wide, using Dameware / / Skype / Go2Meeting.
- Create and maintain image process for all laptop and desktop models, as well as iPad, and Surface tablets, and re-image new systems placed with the standardized Vi-Jon load (customized for specific departmental needs).
- Assist with the notification and implementation of Vi-Jon's Enterprise Microsoft RPC vulnerability response, service pack, and security pushes.
- Assist with after-hour on-call rotation, supporting the enterprise users (in MO, and TN) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Create and maintain a Loaner Laptop program, to assist desktop users during travel, and minimize downtime, when laptop users need service.
- Create and maintain a Toner program, to assist users who need toner replacement, to minimize the tickets to the service desk for this issue. This system maintains a stock level, and e-mails us weekly to replenish the stock. 


Sept 2008 – Dec 2009 // Wachovia / Wells Fargo // St. Louis, MO
Desktop Engineering / End User Support - Level 3
HO Migration Command Center / SWAT team

- Provide on-site support for AGE and Wachovia personnel, including software support, desktop support, line audits, printer issues, system registrations/upgrades, etc. both in the corporate office and at remote off-site events and remote offices.
- Support Windows XP operating systems, and assist in the migration of e-mails and systems from Lotus to Outlook, AGE to Wachovia, Wachovia to Wells Fargo, and the Thomson One Smart Station roll-out.
- Support remote users, enterprise-wide, using Remote Desktop Connections / Remote Assistance, Danware's NetOp program, (depending on which network they were on), or the Ed Net Secure Meeting, (for FiNet and FCCS sites).
- Create and maintain the documentation for the SWAT team, as it relates to the new applications we support, or updates for existing programs.
- Assist with the notification and implementation of Wachovia's Enterprise Microsoft RPC vulnerability response, Service Pack roll-outs, security pushes, and program upgrades, (from Office 2002 / 2003 to Office 2007).
- I created, tested, and implemented a Lotus Notes solution, for "Database only" users, so they could validate their account locally, and send e-mail, from the common database they connect to, and track issues through the Domino servers.
- PICCT - Work tickets in the PICCT system as assigned, and create tickets for calls I receive directly.


July 2003 – June 2008 // The Boeing Company // St. Louis, MO
System Design and Integrated Specialist - Level 3
Boeing/FCS Executive Support / Boeing Common Classified Base-load build team

- Provide on-site support for FCS executives, military personnel, contractors and Boeing users, including software support, desktop support, line audits, printer issues, system registrations/upgrades, etc. both in the office and at remote off-site events.
- Support Windows 2000/XP operating systems for the FCS program, and back up T-38, F-15, F-18, Aerospace, Tanker, and Phantom Works program executives.
- Support remote users, enterprise-wide, using Timbuktu / Netmeeting / SMS / IM / Office.
- Create and Maintain the FCS image process and re-image new systems placed in the FCS area with the standardized FCS load (customized for FCS specific needs with Fast Image Job Roles).
- Assist with the notification and implementation of Boeing's Enterprise Microsoft RPC vulnerability response, service pack, and security pushes.
- One of a four-member team, creating, testing, documenting and packaging the new Common Classified BP201 image, for all classified load systems.
- BARS - Work Load Manager every 3 months (or as needed to cover).

Dec. 2002 – June 2003 // Husch & Eppenberger, LLC // St. Louis, MO
Help Desk/User Support Specialist (contractor)

- One of a four-member team, providing help desk user support for 7 field offices, in 4 states.
- Provide on-site support for St. Louis home office, including software support, desktop support, line audits, printer issues, etc.
- Support Windows NT/XP operating systems.
- Assisted in special projects for the Security Administrator.

Feb. 2002 – Oct. 2002 // TechSolve, Inc. // Austin, TX.
Field Manager

- Install computer systems including desktops, laptops and wireless network configurations.
- Provide support for a host of network configuration issues such as cabling, line audits, IP’s, etc., as well as mapping systems to all existing printers.
- Support Windows 95/98/2000/XP operating systems.
- Reputation for project completion within the timeline given by the customer, 40% of project assignment completed ahead of schedule.
- Instructed classes on how to use laptops, logging into network domain, setting up e-mail and basic care at local Universities.

Dec. 2000 – Jan. 2002 // Duke Engineering & Services // Austin, TX.
Desktop Support Technician

- Solely responsible for providing desktop support for the 85 user Windows NT environment.
- Maintained the patch panels for phone and data needs as well as supporting all issues with Lotus Notes, VPN, Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and Microsoft Office 95/97/2000 through S.P.O.C trouble tickets.
- Completed laptop and desktop setups, as well as reconfiguration of existing systems (i.e. transferring Lotus Notes ID’s, documents, and other critical data).
- Supported all printer issues including networking, stand alones, and plotters, as well as a host of network configuration issues, (cabling, line audits, IP’s, etc.).
- For added efficiency, created a "loaner laptop program" out of the lease buyouts returned from the field, so users had minimal downtime when and if they were without their system for more than one working day.

Jan. 2000 – Aug. 2000 // AIM Technologies, Inc. / FANCARD.NET // Austin, TX.
Technical Support Engineer

- Supported the 150 user NT network by troubleshooting computers, repairing or upgrading them as needed. 
- Assisted in the migration of 3 different servers to new locations. 
- Essential in launching the FANCARD Help Desk support program, whereby employees at satellite locations could receive support over the phone for their local networks.

Sept. 1995 – July 1999 // American Business Innovations // Carrollton, TX.
Facilities Service Coordinator // Home Care Concepts of America // Dallas, TX.

- Maintained the copier and fax machine contracts for 179 field offices across the US.
- Managed the Dallas facility’s vending, coffee services, mailroom, and mailroom staff.
- Set up and maintained security computers for field offices and security cards for each employee.
- Organized, maintained and corrected W-2’s.
- Assisted with TWC claims, which included researching cases, conducting hearings on behalf of the company and compiling monthly and quarterly reports for the Human Resource dept.
- Implemented a change in the local delivery company which saved the company $71,000 annually.

Aug. 1994 – Aug. 1995 // PC Service SOURCE // Dallas, TX.
Sales Support Vendor Representative

- Answered Customer Service Requests for Acer, Apple, Epson, Fujitsu, and Toshiba (computers and laptops).
- Assisted customers with technical repairs and upgrades.
- Data Entry of warehouse stock/pricing maintenance, and also updated the system's database w/new models.
- Trained new employees on job duties and software commands.

Jan. 1994 - July 1994 // Corvus, Inc. // Carrollton, TX.
Administrative Manager

- A/R, A/P
- Accounting for payroll, filing and conducting bank deposits.
- Data Entry.
- Maintain supplies and equipment for Carrollton office.
- Answering phones.
- Reconditioning fax machines
- Software installations and support.

Nov. '88 - Oct. '93 // Western Auto // Carrollton, TX
Service Manager

- Writing service orders, updating customer files, researching customer history.
- Maintaining available stock in the Tire Department
- Organizing schedules for the technicians
- Closing procedures, (calculating the days profits, making bank deposits).
- Updating the stores computers monthly, and transferring products from store to store.


Skill Name // Skill Level // Experience

PC Troubleshooting // Advanced // 12 years
PC Upgrades // Advanced // 12 years
IT/IS Consulting // Advanced // 12 years
Customer Service // Advanced // 19 years


Name // // // // Position // // // // Company // // // // Contact Number
Billy Hundley // // Field Manager // // TechSolve // // (512) 423-2948
Jim Cabral // // Regional IT Manager // // Duke Engineering // // (704) 373-7911
Linda Hamlett // // Austin Office Manager // // Duke Engineering // // (512) 425-2000
Doug Cole // // IT Manager // // AIM Technologies, Inc. // // Office Closed*

Office Closed* - AIM Technologies, Inc., closed its doors in December of 2000.
I do have a letter of recommendation from my supervisor Doug Cole in lieu of a contact number.

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