We are the brothers Riggs.

Steve & Rennie
(TWINS, no less).

We're fraternal twins...
Steve's formatted IBM.
while Rennie's formatted MAC,
(but Rennie is using Both now)

(See if you can tell us apart when we were younger.)
Get ready . . . here comes the QUIZ
! ! !

We are Best Friends, and have been all our lives.
The Early years

Rennie (1969) Steve (1969)
(This is your only freebie)

We were born
October 9,

Ladies & Gentelmen
Who's on the Left, Who's on the Right ? ? ?

(Twin-Spin -1-)
 Talent is in our Blood.

(Who's who -2-)
We survived the 70's.

(Which twin is which -3-)
We made it through without a scratch.

(Who's where -4-)
We were pretty normal kids.

(Which twin is where -5-)
We did everything together.

How'd you do so far ? ? ?
Click on our faces above, to continue the Quiz.

(But if you can't . . . then Thank You for playin' the game).
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